Auth Tokens

What is an Auth Token?

An Authentication Token is simply a very strong password that we can use in connection with your username, to determine that you are a customer of Gutenberg Market.

Why do I need an Auth Token?

You need an auth token if you want to receive plugin and/or theme updates directly to your website. In order for Auth Tokens to have any effect, you must also download and install the official Gutenberg Market plugin on your website. Our plugin will communicate with our server and find your licences. If your licences are valid and assigned to your domain, you will be able to update your products in the native WordPress way. This prevents you having to manually download and install your products every time a new version is released.

How do I generate an Auth Token?

Once you are a customer of Gutenberg Market, you will have access to your my account page by logging in with your username and password that you created at checkout. Within your my account page, navigate to Auth token and follow the instructions to generate your token and activate your licences using our plugin.

Can I change my Auth Token?

Yes you can, once logged in to Gutenberg Market, simply navigate to the Auth Token page and click the “Regenerate token” button. Be aware though, that if you do regenerate your token, you will need to update it on all websites that have the Gutenberg Market plugin installed. If you do not add the new token, you will no longer receive updates from the Gutenberg Market repository. Therefore, we recommend only regenerating your token for security reasons or if there is a problem with your token.

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