Quality Check Policy

When we say ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘Gutenberg Market’ we are referring to ourselves.

We will quality check all items that are listed on our platform, whether they are completely new items or new versions. We also verify the identity of every author when they register, which helps to prevent duplicitous accounts.

Checks authors carry out

We require all authors to take strict security measures when developing their products. If developing in a live environment, they must be using a security plugin such as WordFence or Sucuri, with two factor authentication turned on. If developing locally they must have anti-virus software with the latest updates. We ask them to perform their own security scans prior to submitting their files to us.

Checks we carry out

We will carry out several checks on each version that is submitted to us, which will scan for malicious code or URLs, backdoors, shells that hackers may have installed and known infection patterns.

We will also carry out usability tests and check the overall quality of the product. We will not accept any products that have obvious bugs or errors that we find. This is not to say that for complex products we won’t miss deep hidden bugs and errors. It is completely possible that we could miss something from our initial assessment; however in such a scenario it will be the authors responsibility to provide a temporary fix and patch it in the next release.

Checks you should carry out

It is strongly recommended to take a backup of your website and database before installing any new products. Any damages, losses or anything else that may impact you, your company or your website, as a result of not taking a backup, is completely your responsibility and we take no liability for.

We also recommend that you test the product on a staging environment and run your own security scans and checks before installing the product on a live environment.

Malware and malicious code

We will endeavour to prevent items from being uploaded to our marketplace with malicious code or obvious bugs. We take this extremely seriously as we understand the damage it can cause.

However, although extremely unlikely, it’s possible that malware could circumnavigate our scans and we can only do our best to prevent this with the tools and technology we have available to us. In such an event, we are not liable for any damages, losses, data breaches or cleanup fees caused by a product purchased from our platform.

It is your responsibility to do your own checks and scans on a staging environment before installing on a live website. If we do receive a complaint about an infected product on our marketplace, we will investigate this as a matter of urgency, and if found, we will suspend the item immediately.

It’s important to understand that we simply provide a means of facilitating a transaction between an author and a consumer and we are not liable for any damages, losses, data breaches, cleanup fees or anything else that may impact you, your company or your website, as a result of an infected product purchased from our marketplace.

We do our due diligence and scans because we want to mitigate malware as much as possible but we cannot give you 100% guarantee that all items now and in the future do not contain malicious code. That being said, we have a very strong system in place to help spot malicious code, so we want you to feel safe when using our platform.

All authors must adhere to our author terms which requires them to ensure items are clean before they submit them. We then carry out our own checks and you (the buyer) should perform your own checks too. Together we can keep the marketplace clean for everyone.

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