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If you are an author of WordPress block plugins, block themes or block components, you will know the challenges of trying to sell your products, such as licencing and taking payments.

Gutenberg Market can take all of those problems away, by providing you with a platform to easily list your products and get paid for your hard work.


Earn in three simple steps…

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    List your awesome product(s)

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    Get sales and earn money

What you should know

Author Fees

Our standard author fee is currently 20% of the sale price. If on our standard author fee rate, you will earn 80% of the sale price, minus the withdrawal fee of 2%. For more information on fees, see our Author Terms.

Native WordPress updates from our repository server

When authors send us their product, we will store it on our repository server. This is how we can serve customers native updates directly in WordPress without them having to manually download newer versions of items from our website. This only applies to plugins and themes.

Licence Keys

Our platform automatically generates a licence key for the customer when they purchase an item. All licence keys can be found in the customer’s account dashboard. All licences are valid for 1 year and must be renewed in order to continue receiving updates. Read more about licences.

Gutenberg Market Plugin

Customers must install our Gutenberg Market plugin on the website where they plan to install their purchased plugins or themes. Without our Gutenberg Market plugin installed they will be able to use a purchased plugin or theme just fine but they will not receive native updates when a new version is released. Therefore, it is highly recommended that customers install it. It can be found and downloaded within their account dashboard.

Auth Tokens

In order for customers to sync our plugin with their Gutenberg Market account, they must generate an Auth Token in their customer account dashboard on our website. When customers enter this along with their username in the Gutenberg Market plugin settings page, it will list all of their valid licences which they can activate to a domain. Read more about auth tokens.

No-code licencing solution

Our plugin doesn’t require authors to add any additional code to their plugins or themes. It simply just works. This is because all the clever stuff is happening in our plugin. Therefore, if authors currently have any licencing code in their plugin or theme, they can simply strip it away from the version they provide us.

We want to make it as simple as possible for authors to be able to start earning from their hard work, that’s why we have opted for a no-code licencing approach.

If you have any special requirements or a rare licencing setup in your product, please tell us about it so we can work with you to hopefully find a solution.

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Benefits for authors

Lowest fee among all other marketplaces
Licences and updates are delivered to your customers
Simple to release new product versions
Increased exposure to buyers
Comprehensive seller dashboard
Edit your products with ease
Monitor orders, payments, withdrawals, support tickets and more
Ledger book and reporting features

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